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FAQ's - What is Autism?

How Well Does Your Child Talk?
What To Look For!
What is a Speech Disorder?
What is a Language Disorder?
What is Stuttering?
What is a Voice Disorder?
What is a Social-Language Disorder?
What is Autism?
What is a Learning Disability?
What are ADD and ADHD?
What is an Auditory Processing Disorder?
What is Developmental Apraxia of Speech?
What are oral motor / feeding problems?
Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder known to be a neurologically based disorder. Classic autism begins in infancy and Regressive Autism occurs in early childhood between twelve and twenty-four months, after a period of normal development. A major symptom of Autism is a failure to develop normal socialization skills. The child may demonstrate reduced eye contact and interest in objects. Children with autism may have an independent agenda and have difficulty interacting with others. Their communication skills are often significantly involved as many are non-verbal and do not speak. Some children memorize language and repeat dialogue from videotapes or previous heard "scripted" language. Children with autism may have the need for routine and have difficulty with transitions. They may have unusual play behavior such as holding objects, spinning objects, or lining objects up. They may have sensory differences such as reactions to loud noises, sniffing objects, walking on tip-toe or disliking certain textures of food.

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